it's may 2020 - welcome to the Micro Story Flash Fiction challenge! 

If you don't know what 'flash fiction' is, it's where the writer, YOU, are given a set time to complete a short piece of writing.  The subject matter is up to you. All you have to do is complete 200 words in two days. On the eve of the competition, all of you registered writers will be given one special word that you MUST put in your story. 

200 words is around three paragraphs! Can you come up with a complete story with a beginning, a middle and an end in such few words?

It's tricky but fun!
There are cash prizes for the first and second place stories, plus, if there are enough stories they will be collated into an eBook. All stories will receive that all important feedback, the life blood of any writer or would-be writer. The challenge begins at 9.00am BST on Saturday the 30th of May, and the deadline is 9.00am BST on Monday the first of June. So start thinking now!


It's £5 to register discounted to just £3 if you share this website on social media - you will be asked for proof. 

For this you will receive feedback for your story, the chance to win a prize, plus the chance for it to be published in an eBook. Contact us here:

Contact Us

1) The work must be original and yours, (although you can collaborate with another writer).
2) The story remains the copyright of the person who wrote it.
By entering the competition, you grant me permission to put it into an eBook, social media or on this site, (you will be fully credited).
3) Your story MUST be 200 words and no more! Not even one, so count carefully and/or consult your word counter.
4) Your title DOES NOT COUNT in the word count.
5) The competition will open at 9.00am on the 30th of May and all entries must be emailed with your name and title of your story attached by 9.00am, the 1st of June at the very latest. GOOD LUCK!